What is Mediumship?

Mediumship is a sacred and beautiful experience, a communion shared between both worlds. It will always be my greatest love because this is where healing happens in both worlds.

For me, mediumship is like opening a door between both worlds and inviting your Loved Ones to join us. Spirit will normally show up as they were in the physical so I can provide validation of who is providing me the information. When they begin to provide their message, if it is necessary, this is when Spirit will drop the veil and present themselves as who they presently are at a Soul level, in their full beauty and magnificent self.

Feeling the love, your Loved Ones have for you, along with being their messenger, a voice channeling messages which convey solace, healing and closure, brings me incredible joy. There is no comfort and healing like knowing your loved one is very much alive, encouraging you to honour them by living the life you are meant to live. My purpose as a medium, is to be of service to the physical and Spirit worlds by being their voice and translating their message to you. Mediumship is about providing evidence that we never die. Love Never Dies, we simply return our physical costume and continue our journey at a soul level.

Think about this for a moment. Did you know, it means as much to your loved ones to communicate with you? Do you have any idea how many loops they jump through, trying to get your attention? How many times and how many different ways they have tried to let you know, they’re around you?

You feel something in your hair, your loved one gets excited “yayyyy she/he knows I’m here. Without hesitation, you scratch your head. You hear a song on the radio that you love and you turn up the volume. Your Loved One, “OMGosh yessss, this time, this is it, he/she knows for sure that I’m here”. You walk away not giving a thought to the possibility of this ‘sign’. You notice your ‘fur baby’ acting strange. Your Loved One gets really excited, “There’s no way she/he can miss me this time’. You, “what’s the matter baby, why you acting funny?”

As medium, I serve as a vessel, conveying the message that ‘Love Never Dies’. This makes my heart sing.

How Do I Pick a Good Medium?

The best practice for this is trusting your gut instinct. Who are you drawn too? It’s what feels good to you. Look at websites and other advertisements about the medium. Sit with your answer and feel your way through it. You’ll get your answer through the feeling.

How Do I Prepare for a Reading?

The very best thing you can do is relax and let your loved ones steer the bus. Be open to receiving what you are meant to receive. Have no expectations so you can be open to understanding what your loved ones are talking about. Focus on what is being conveyed. If you don’t understand, please say so. Keep an open mind. Ask your loved ones to join you in the reading.

What to Expect from a Reading?

To begin with, Charly will explain to you how she conducts her readings. Afterwards, she will connect with your Loved Ones. Examples of information you might receive in mediumship readings:


  • What their personality was like
  • Hair colour
  • Body type
  • How they crossed

Evidence of experiences while they were in the physical

  • Reminisce over memories you shared
  • Talk about uncle Bob and the farm he lived at
  • What their hobbies were

Evidence of continuity of life ‘after death’

  • They can talk about events that took place after they crossed, in order to validate they are still with you.
  • That apple pie you baked the other day and how you put too much sugar
  • Give possible feedback regarding present situations in your life
  • Provide information about the relationship you shared
  • Shared memories that you both know about but I couldn’t possibly understand with the few words provided.


  • Charly feels this is the most beautiful part of a reading
  • Comfort of knowing that your loved ones are very much alive and doing well.
  • Through the message brought forward by your Loved One, is where solace, closure and healing occurs in both worlds.
Being Nervous, or Concerned About your Reading

It’s very normal to be nervous about a reading. One of Charly’s most common feedback is how compassionate and caring she is. Charly has also experienced the loss of a son, and understands the pain you are experiencing. Please also rest assured that your loved ones would never say anything which could cause you further pain.

Can Charly Read Everyone?

A Medium is like a messenger translator for the other side. They can ask the question but cannot control what is said or how it’s said. For example:

  • Even if you believe you are ready to hear specific information, your loved ones will only share information which they know, will help you heal.
  • A medium’s job is to provide you with the pieces and your job is to put the pieces together. For example, in one of Charly’s group readings, a child came through. At the end, the child’s last message for his mom was “I know your name mom”. This child was letting his mother know that although she didn’t know where his burial site was, he always knew who she was.
How Does Charly Receive Information from loved ones who have gone to heaven?

Charly receives information directly from your loved ones. She works as a mental medium, which means she telepathically communicates with your loved ones. She mentally hears- clairaudience, sees – clairvoyance, knows – claircognizance and feels- clairsentience messages from spirits.

Every medium has their own flavour. Some bring names and dates and others can meld their energy with your loved ones and bring their character forward so brilliantly, it’s like they paint them back to life. The most beautiful part is the healing experienced in both worlds.

“When I open myself up for Loved One to come through, they simply show up. This is when I meld with spirit and allow myself to integrate with their character. It’s like opening a window and seeing, feeling and listening to the love flowing in. In order to meld with spirit, I drop all possible notions at the door just as I ask clients to do. Once I blend with spirit, Spirit knows that I’m listening & feeling them, that I’ve adjusted my frequency to theirs and ready to channel their message. I become one with their energy, I can see and feel what they looked like in the physical and relay this information to you. I can feel their character and describe to you their strength and weaknesses. I confirm that it’s them by describing personality traits, physical appearance, and their association to you as well as what kind of relationship you shared.”

How Long Should I Wait for a Reading After a Loved One has passed away?

There is no specific amount of time to wait for a mediumship reading. What is important to remember, is the grief and shock we experience after losing a loved one. The pain we feel, sometimes bring us in such a deep haze that we can’t benefit from the healing experience that is offered.

Can I Bring my Child to the Reading?

Because children are so susceptible to the other side, we ask that you find alternative arrangements for childcare. Also important in having a successful reading is a dedicated focus on information being brought forward from your Loved Ones.


All Charly’s services are held at her Studio. There are dogs on premises, Bambam and Shazam which Charly refers too as her ‘Love Bugs’. Please rest assured that Charly completely understands the fear people can have with dogs. For this reason, her ‘Love Bugs” are not permitted to visit with clients.

Additionally, Charly’s home Studio is limited in it’s capacity due to classes and workshops. If you are coming with someone else for back to back readings, please note there is no separate waiting area which will permit privacy and confidentiality. Our recommendation for those that come for back to back sessions is that while one is read the other visit local shops a few minutes away by car.

Use of Alcohol and/or Drugs

Alcohol and drug substances are not permitted before or during readings. They can actually promote an unpleasant experience. For this reason, these substances are not permitted before or during any reading. Charly reserves the right to refuse and terminate any reading if she feels necessary. Rescheduling or refund would not be honoured.

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy


We understand that unforeseen occurrences can come up. For this reason, we will gladly issue a refund but we must receive your written cancellation notice, 72 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.

NOTE: $20.00 operating fee, will be deducted from your refund, due to PayPal charges incurred.

Your refund will be issued within 3 business days.

Charly reserves the right to not permit rescheduling or future bookings.



Rescheduling is available, with a written request received 72 hour prior to your scheduled appointment.

Charly reserves the right to not permit rescheduling or future bookings.