The MAGIC Program ~ Level One

A Journey Back to You…A Journey of Self Discovery

The MAGIC Program ~ Level One will help you discover how to hear the messages that your soul has for you in the first course of The MAGIC Program, ‘Remembering Who I AM’. In this course Charly shows you how to access the tools you already have so that you can live the life of your dreams.

The MAGIC Program ~ Level One course is offered three times per year.

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The First MAGIC Key

Journaling MAGIC Style…This One Will Be in The Sequel

  • Find out the missing pieces from The Secret and how to really manifest the life you wish through Journaling MAGIC Style.
  • Discover how you might be limiting yourself with techniques and how to expand your awareness to limitless opportunities.
  • You will remember how to feel the resonance of your dreams going through your entire being in order to manifest the life beyond what you imagined.
  • Learn how to achieve wonderful results and outcomes in your life. When you’re manifesting at this vibration, anything and everything is possible. These aren’t your typical manifesting tricks!

The Second MAGIC Key

Anchoring Yourself through ‘The Breath”

  • Feeling, and being your authentic YOU, is only a breath away!
  • You’ll learn the powerful breathing techniques that connect you to the information that your soul has for you.
  • You will be better equipped to merge deeper within your own life so that you experience more self-love and self-compassion, by leaving behind any feeling of lack such as guilt and fear.
  • Through grounding, you will unleash your self-awareness and be able to meet the authentic you, an even more confident you.
  • Your breath can literally be your lifeline to living a great life while walking in MAGIC.

The Third MAGIC Key

The MAGIC of Energy

  • Energy awareness, understand how you are affected by the energy around you.
  • Learn to be aware of your own energy and how this is a life saving gift.
  • Find out how being Clairsentient/Empath can be a double edge sword. You will be amazed at how this most likely served you to unconsciously self-sabotage your life.
  • How to align and anchor yourself to the new supportive energies of ‘Remembering Who I Am’.
  • Through understanding how to redirect energy, you will be better supported in receiving your own intuitive messages and guidance.

The Fourth MAGIC Key

Acknowledgement and Awareness: Two of The Greatest Self Empowering Tools You Will Ever Discover

  • Find out the steps to take to be aware of the role you play in your every day life.
  • Discover the hidden tools you use, in order to keep yourself small.
  • Discover how to regain your life through awareness.
  • Become even more self empowered through your own self awareness.
  • Learn how to connect to the authentic you by breaking the cycle through self love.
  • Experience your true reflection by truly seeing your beauty and magnificence.

The Fifth MAGIC Key

The Mind…Who’s Been in Control All This Time.

  • You will discover who has been in control of your life. Be blown away at how easy it is to regain the steering wheel of your life and build more self-confidence while feeling ease and grace.
  • Identity your old self, being aware of old subconscious patterns which don’t serve you anymore.
  • Recognize when you’re unconsciously running the loop of your subconscious mind.
  • You will learn to access tools you already have and stay in the flow of creation and magnificence.
  • You’ll learn how to stay curious without engaging your mind.

The Sixth MAGIC Key

Self Love, The Great Divide

  • Find out how easy it was to become masters at self sabotage.
  • Discover what you have always been longing for.
  • Discover who’s been your best cheerleader all along.
  • Recognize who has been talking to you and guiding you all this time.
  • Understand what is meant by ‘The Heart of the Matter’.
  • Imagine yourself living your life completely guided by your higher self and the Universe.

Your Investment Includes:

  • Six classes over a period of six weeks of interactive & hands on experience
  • Two hours per class – Twelve (12) hours of total class time
  • A Personal ‘Halfway (1/2 hr) Checkpoint Consultation’ with Charly via Skype or FaceTime (at a special discounted rate)
  • Additional weekly Open Group gatherings (1 hour). Charly will answer your questions to help you apply what you’ve learnt in your every day life – Six (6) additional FREE hours
  • Receive 30% discount on private Intuitive Mentorship Consultations
  • Membership to an exclusive private Facebook group where you can share and gain valuable experience with other participants. Charly is an avid contributor regularly posting extra tools, insights and exercises. She is also available to answer additional questions you might have