The Magic Program ~ Level Three

The Magic Program ~ Level Three

Feeling through the Heart and melding with the Soul

While living through the heart, discover your soul’s path by raising your vibration and merging this frequency at a physical level. You’ll also be astonished when you understand the true language your heart speaks.

Get ready for a jammed packed and interactive, six weeks of hands on exercises, while being mentored by Charly.

The Magic Program ~ Level Three course is offered three times per year.

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The Interactive MAGIC Boot Camp:

Up close and personal Mentoring with Charly

  • Further harness the tools you learned in The Master Series and anchor them even deeper by merging with the authentic you.
  • Listen to the whispers of your heart and soul and build coherence like never before.
  • Master your intuitive gifts by transforming your psychic hits to a deeper resonance and guidance from your higher self. You’ll be amazed at the inner guidance you’ve been letting slip away.
  • You’ll be amazed to discover the echo of your heart and understanding the language it speaks.
  • Discover how to own your own gifts by feeling emotions and love through you.
  • Experience living truly being in the moment and begin the transformation of healing past wounds and grief by focusing on wholeness rather than the healing. Imagine being able to feel love once again.
  • Close the gap between your heart and soul.
  • Be rewarded with an awakening of the soul through the heart and live a life filled with passion and joy.
  • Experience transformational growth from living through the heart.


Your Investment Includes:

  • Six classes over a period of six weeks of interactive and hands on experience
  • Two hours per class – Twelve (12) hours of total class time
  • A Personal ‘Halfway (1/2 hr) Checkpoint Consultation’ with Charly via Skype or FaceTime (at a special discounted rate)
  • Additional weekly Open Group gatherings (1 hour). Charly will answer your questions to help you apply what you’ve learnt in your every day life – Six (6) additional FREE hours
  • Receive 30% discount on private Intuitive Mentorship Consultations
  • Membership to an exclusive private Facebook group where you can share and gain valuable experience with other participants. Charly is an avid contributor regularly posting extra tools, insights and exercises. She is also available to answer additional questions you might have