Join us at our Love Never Dies Gathering, where you will find support and understanding from people who understand your pain.

“May we find the courage to embark in a journey gently
leading us 
towards coping with our grief”


Not only will you find support, you will also witness the possibility of journeys of hope and love.

“A place to learn about grief and loss
A place that understands what your heart feels”


We provide a safe place to share with others who “get it”. A place where the big white elephant isn’t present. A place where you don’t feel alone. A place where celebrating the memory of our Loved Ones is welcomed and encouraged.

“I understand full well, what it’s like to desperately need to connect with our loved ones. In 2004, my 20-year-old son returned his physical costume and now resides in the world of Angels. He regularly drops by to wrap his wings around me and remind me that “Love Never Dies”. Through him, I’ve learned that life doesn’t have to only be a place of sadness and grief. One breath at a time, one day at a time, through experiencing comfort and closure, we can open ourselves to the possibility of feeling their love once again” Charly