oin us for a life changing and interactive exploration to the limitless potential within you. With insight and accuracy which will leave you breathless, Charly’s Soul Whispers gatherings will bring you through a journey into rediscovering yourself. Melding with the energy of the room, Charly open-heartedly speaks directly to the heart of the matter, bringing forward areas with greatest probabilities for expansion and self-empowerment.

You will find yourself with a clearer understanding of steps to take in order to increase alignment and awareness of your soul’s highest purpose and desires. Leave behind the confusion and allow a deeper knowing and clarity to return into your life.

~ For the first hour, Charly openly melds her energy with the higher frequencies of those in attendance and channels information brought forwards.

~ For the second hour, it’s open Question and Answer. Bring on the questions and allow yourself to be inspired by your soul and spiritual guides.