In these information sessions, Charly Sirois, a renowned soul Intuitive and Medium, shares with you what it’s like to ‘Walk in MAGIC’ and live the life of your dreams.

MAGIC is a way of life. But because we often live on autopilot, we are frequently unconscious to the life we could be living. Imagine living a life so filled with love and joy that the only way you can describe it, is by calling it MAGIC!

Have you ever felt like you’ve been searching for something, but couldn’t seem to put your finger on it? Have you ever felt trapped in your own mind trying to solve problems? Do you feel that you would like more clarity in your life? Are you ready to get your own answers, and realize you had them all along? If any of this resonates with you, that is your soul, your intuition, nudging you to recognize that this course could be for you.


Highlights of these events:
  • Find out the real ‘Secret’ about manifesting the life of your dreams. This one will be in the sequel.
  • Learn powerful tools like how to anchor through ‘The Breath’. Yes, this could literally save your life.
  • Dreaming in wake state. One of the greatest gifts we can offer ourselves. Awwww but wait, it’s ‘Day Dreaming’ with a twist. No boundaries here lol.
  • The mind – Really? What do you mean I’ve been misusing it? Hmmmm
  • Anchoring the aha moments beyond gratitude. So you think you can dance? Wait until you dance in these energies!