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Author, Intuitive Mentor & Teacher

“One of my greatest passions is helping
people Live the Life of their Dreams”
Join us and journey back to The Authentic You.

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Hello Beautiful People

I am so happy you joined me. I feel incredibly blessed be a Psychic Medium and that you have expressed an interest in getting to know me better. Remember, coincidence doesn’t exist, we are crossing paths for a reason. As you keep reading, breath deeply … Feel your way through my site and allow yourself to be guided by your heart, you will find the answer.
Enjoy your stroll in my world. A world filled with whispers from Loved Ones and MAGIC resonating with your soul. Allow me as a Psychic Medium to guide you towards a ‘Journey Back to You.’

Charly Sirois Psychic Medium Sudbury Ontario


About Charly Sirois Psychic Medium

Having gained a reputation as a Psychic Medium for translating messages which offer healing in both worlds, Charly Sirois Psychic Medium is known for her compassion and enthusiastic approach. Acting as a conduit, Charly Sirois Psychic Medium paints spirit ‘back to life’ conveying messages of love from your loved ones on the ‘other side’.
Although my greatest love will always be mediumship, one of my greatest passions is helping people remember who they truly are. If you could see what I see when I communicate with your soul, you would marvel at your magnificence. It thrills me so much to witness people realize who they truly are and realize it really is an inside job. All your dreams and aspiration are right there waiting for you to uncover them.

What People are Saying

                         about Charly Sirois Psychic Medium


Nicole Hayle

My life will be forever changed

Within The Magic Program I got myself back, gained confidence and a forgotten perspective on my life that I am sure I had lost since childhood. Sounds cliché, but I am so very grateful that my life will be forever changed and forward moving! Thank you Charly. Xo

Tammy Lachance

I was a sceptic

Charly Sirois Medium Psychic has the MAGIC gift. The messages were very precise. She asked if I knew of a young boy who had passed with a disability ... named Andrew. I knew that my brother in law best friend lost a son, my sister confirmed his name was Andrew. This is why this is Charly Sirois’ calling and she truly loves what she does! It truly is Magical when you see Charly taking her deep breath and sharing messages from the other side. I highly recommend booking a reading with her. It will change your thoughts on how things are after death. Thank You Charly

Louise Hunda

Charly is simply the best

Upon connecting with Charly for the first time, I was instantly drawn to her. When I arrived for my reading, I immediately felt so comfortable with Charly. Her friendly, caring and compassionate demeanor made me feel at ease, it was truly amazing. Charly was able to bring up things that absolutely no one else would know. And, because of this, it helped me be able to deal with these things and face them. Charly is simply the best. Thank you Charly.

Justine Giles

Truly touching

Sometimes spiritual teachers are able to see and describe situations and messages from Spirit’s, other times they are able to connect at your soul level and bring those messages to light. Charly was able to beautifully meld both of those things into one reading! … both a dear friend and my cousin came forward, I was very pleased to hear the loving and supportive words. What's really astonishing is hearing Charly channel descriptive messages that only they know, acknowledging a situation that had taken place here in the physical world, after they had passed. That was truly touching … thank Charly for this beautiful, unique experience.

Sarah-Lynn Hodder

Enlightening me to feeling alive

…so powerful. I loved the exercises that we did, especially the ones that focused on breathing. In the past, being ‘strong’ by rarely showing emotions, I had forgotten how to feel. Charly’s class changed all that by truly enlightening me to feel alive with the beauty and excitement of things that surround me. It’s helped me learn new things about myself, and connect to my dreams. I loved the way we were able to interact with one another, that really helped me to build trust and confidence. This has been a powerful experience, one that I will never forget. Thank you

Wanda Seeley

Living my life and not just existing

I loved the re-writing DNA part and choosing to create new memory cells. It really shows all things are possible. Identifying through exercises to know if what I am feeling is truly mine or not, was so important for awareness and choices we make. Learning to be aware of symptoms of wounds and how to deal with them was impactful. I really enjoyed practicing tools and discussing how they apply to life, this helped us to understand that we are not our stories. Practicing energy to uplift, make aware and then discussing how it all applies to our own lives – incredible. The tools and knowledge I learned will help to ensure I am living my life and not just existing. Thank you Charly

Tammy Lamarche

Always bang on

Charly is a very gifted and intuitive reader. She is always bang on, and offers large doses of love, empathy and light. She has an amazing ability to cut straight to the heart of the matter, and determine whatever is holding someone back from being their ‘best self’. I’ve begun to implement her suggestions into my everyday life, and I now feel some major shifts happening. She not only helped me pull up my bootstraps, but also taught me to find myself. Her loving kindness, experience and dedication to help those in need, let me know that I was being assisted by an amazing angel. She is truly gifted.

Diana Bernas

Easy examples of how to get results

During an intuitive reading, Charly went directly to the core of my issues. She explained why this was happening and what my soul wanted to experience in this lifetime. I was also given easy examples of how to get results and move forward. As a result, I have a greater understanding of my current situation and why it is playing out this way for me. I’m grateful for her direct and honest approach and would definitely recommend her and this experience to everyone.

Louise Buckingham

I recommend this course to anyone

Charly’s course has impacted my life by showing me how to release things that no longer serve my highest purpose. I loved Charly’s teaching style; we were encouraged to clarify things whenever we didn’t understand them. My half way point reading with Charly changed my life. I recommend this course to anyone. I love to use the ‘Self Empowerment’ phrase, this describes what we accomplished with the MAGIC Program. It made it a pleasure to learn new techniques to self-empowerment.

Joe-Anne Gervais

I’m a different person

I have visited so many mediums over the years, … never experienced anything like Charly. She brought in so many of my loved ones. Charly was so accurate with my mother … it brought me to tears. When my mother was asking for ‘Forgiveness because she didn’t know how to love,” I had no doubt. Charly said that my mother had “finally earned her wings and now knows how to love”. I’m a different person because the reading … was truly a healing. I’m at peace and I can finally move forward. Charly provided me with the greatest gift of all … closure. I would truly recommend Charly to anyone without hesitation. I owe her so much.

Betty Lauzon

I will connect with him regularly

Charly is amazing in the way she can connects us to our loved ones. Getting the opportunity to have my husband validate himself in ways that only I would understand and learning that he is ok was very comforting to me. Plus, with his mother giving me closure and peace to know he is still with me, encouraging, supporting and cheering me on. I will connect with him regularly with Charly's gift for spirt.

Lynne Gillespie

I feel stronger

You are so inspiring Charly and you do it in such a simple way. You were very easy to understand and I loved how you stopped to make sure everyone was on board and answered everyone’s questions from where they are. My eyes and heart are now open. My one-on-one consultation with Charly was amazing! So many of my questions were answered and very important to what is now happening in my life. Thank you Charly, I am feeling again, I have energy again and I feel like I can cope again. I feel more intuitive; I feel like it is now about ME because of this class. I recommend your course every time I get a chance

Sherry Lynn Thom

Letting go and living my dreams

Charly’s teaching style was simple and easy to understand. She was kind and warm when answering any questions people had. This course has changed my life! I loved the tools we learned and all the exercises helped me fully understand how to master them. I also learned so much about letting past wounds go and living my dreams, sometimes we get too caught up in others dreams. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to move to a free future and living their dreams.

Bridgett Dallaire

Reading was genuine

During our session, Charly clairvoyantly described seeing a black and white image of farmland and open fields in either the late 1800’s or early 1900’s. Right away, I recognized it was the Jennings Church named after my grandfather’s family. Charly brought forward my grandfather in detail. Charly works so closely with spirit to convey exactly what they are trying to tell us. She is so intuitive that she started receiving impressions for me even before I had arrived. I was very grateful for making me feel so comfortable. I left knowing the reading was genuine because she brought up points that nobody else knew about, but me.

France Gingras

Journey of discovery

It was a pleasure to be part of this class. What I really enjoyed about Charly’s class is the way she delivered her knowledge and wisdom and guided us on a most enjoyable journey of discovery. I highly recommend this course as a meaningful tool on the pathway to spiritual growth. It’s very inspiring and Charly is an excellent teacher with skill and grace. Thank you Charly.

Brandy Joly

Amazingly accurate

Tonight I went to see Charly with a group of people, some I know and some I did not. The messages that I received tonight were amazingly accurate. The energy that she brings to the room and the messages that she gives are beautiful, you can feel the energy and love. There were many moments that we all laughed and cried, not out of sadness but out of joy from being able to hear from our loved ones once again. Charly, thank you for being their voice even if only for a brief moment. Myself and many others will be coming to see you again, and I highly recommend Charly Sirois as someone who can show you that love never dies. Thank you.

Charmaine Kennedy

Reassurance from above

I attended a group session with Charly. Charly turned to me and said, “There is a little boy here and he wants me to tell you that “It is ok mommy, I know your name.” It is impossible to explain how profound this message was to me, as my first child became an Angel three days after his birth. For some reason, I was not listed as the mother in the records where he was buried. I could not have heard a more reassuring message as a mother and to realize that the most important person in all of this has blessed me with reassurance from above. Charly has the gift of delivering a message that allows closure to take place, and open communication with our loved ones passed over. Thank you Jason! Thank you, Charly!

Chantelle Morin

I felt goosebumps all over my body

Tears started rolling down my cheeks as Charly began describing my aunt, who passed. My aunt wanted to give me a message to “no longer be sad for her”. She also explained she had helped my cousin who had recently had complications from surgery. Charly described my cousin having a near death experience and that both souls had connected.  My cousin survived that surgery and woke up thinking of my aunt. There is no way Charly could have known all this. I was finally able to let the sadness go and celebrate her life … Charly is amazing!