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  1. All clients must be 19 years of age or older.
  2. Services provided are for your education, awareness, and entertainment purposes only.
  3. Use of alcohol and/or drugs prior to your reading (this is inclusive of parties as well) is strictly prohibited.
  4. Charly Sirois Medium Psychic reserves the right to refuse service and cancel a session in progress if she feels clients are under the influence alcohol or drugs.
  5. Clients who fail to show up for an appointment without notice may be refused future service.
  6. You as the client are entirely liable for how you apply information received during services offered.
  7. By booking an appointment, you release her and her associates of any and all liability related to the content shared within the reading.
  8. By proceeding with your appointment, you agree to release us from all liabilities, legal claims and expenses that may result both directly and indirectly from services offered by Charly Sirois Psychic Medium.
  9. If you purchase services on behalf of another you accept full liability to ensure all terms and conditions are relayed to the recipient of the services.
  10. Information, videos, pictures, images, advice, thoughts, blogs, text, and logos are proprietary information of Charly Sirois and may not be copied, distributed, altered or reused without the written consent of Charly Sirois.
  • We take client privacy very seriously.
  • We are always in compliance with the Canadian Privacy act.
  • The information requested from our clients at the time of booking is in case we need to contact them in case a situation arises related to their appointment.
  • All client information at time of booking as well as information disclosed during the reading is considered private and confidential and will not be shared, distributed or disclosed without clients written consent.
  • Your personal information, which is voluntarily submitted by you, is not disclosed with 3rd party or other private or commercial institutions without your consent unless lawfully required.
  • We conduct private readings and parties in a private one on one format as we can’t control what information will come forward and you as a client may consider the information personal and confidential.
  • By providing personal information to us, through submission on our website, email, social media, Skype, or phone, you are consenting to the collection and use of such information in accordance with our privacy statement.
  • There are dogs on premises, so if you have allergies please be advised and take action as required by your allergy conditions as it relates to dogs.
  • We are not held responsible for reactions related allergies, so we do ask that you take this into consideration prior to commencing your appointment.
  • The information shared during a reading is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
  • Charly Sirois Medium Psychic is not in a position to provide legal or medical advice and therefore should not be considered as a replacement, advisory or consultant for someone in this profession.
  • If as a result of your reading, you feel the need for such services, we recommend you contact a qualified health care professional.
  • Charly Sirois is neither responsible nor liable for any ADVICE (Legal or Medical); COURSE OF TREATMENT, DIAGNOSIS OR ANY OTHER INFORMATION, services or products that you obtain is based on her readings.

At Charly Sirois Psychic Medium, we reserve the right to change these conditions at any time without notice.