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Charly Sirois Psychic MediumAbout Charly Sirois Psychic Medium

From an early age, Charly Sirois Psychic Medium had a strong connection to the spirit world. Charly didn’t realize that her ability to communicate with people who had passed is a gift. This would be a defining moment that would lead to Charly’s dream of sharing her gift to help others.


“Speaking with people on the other side is
simply normal to me, I had no idea it
wasn’t the same for everyone.”


Charly’s first encounter with the spirit world happened at age six living in a Catholic orphanage. After a beloved nuns passing, young Charly clairvoyantly received her first message. Although Charly didn’t understand it at the time, this would begin Charly Sirois Psychic Medium’s ‘introduction’ to the spirit world.  Charly became to realize that death is merely an ‘illusion’.

As Charly grew older, Charly Sirois Psychic Medium’s intuitive gifts continued to expand.  Charly received messages for people around her recognizing that she knew the answers to information she shouldn’t have been privy to. “I felt the heart’s of others so deeply that I could hear the whispers of their soul asking me to pass on the a message.” Despite all the evidence, Charly Sirois Psychic Medium didn’t understand the marvel of her gift to the world. “I felt that I was different from others around me but I did not know why. To my friends, I existed as the person who was wise, perceptive while offering great advice. Over the years, I became the go to person to get answers from.”

The tragic loss of Charly’s twenty-year-old son Andre, in a car accident in 2004 catapulted Charly Sirois Psychic Medium into her spiritual journey, exposing her natural abilities. Charly’s only hope for solace existed knowing she could communicate with her son. Charly decided to make sure what she knew existed in heart was actually real.  Charly Sirois Psychic Medium reached out for guidance subsequently starting the study of mediumship.

Additional studies with tutors from the world renowned Arthur Findlay College in England solidified what Charly always felt in her heart. Charly Sirois Psychic Medium ascertained and honed her meduimship skills. It was then that Charly Sirois Psychic Medium realized that her first love is truly mediumship.

The student spreads her wings and the teacher emerges

As a sought after mentor/teacher, Charly created ‘Walking in MAGIC’, Living the Life of Your Dreams. This event introduces the three level Master Series The MAGIC Program. The program builds on ‘MAGIC keys’ and includes individual mentoring in addition to Soul Intuitive consultations. This program will help participants discover the strategies of how to live the life of their dreams.


“It’s a journey back to you!
Imagine living a life so filled with love and joy,
the only way to describe it, is by calling it MAGIC.
We live in a vast universe filled with MAGIC waiting for discovery.”


Charly Sirois, renowned Psychic Medium, who amazes clients around the world with her accuracy and details of insightful readings. “It’s as if Charly see’s through the eyes of Spirit, bringing proof that your Loved Ones exist merely a thought away”.  Charly’s clients uphold how much they are inspired by the compassion combined with humility Charly shares in her readings. “Mediumship stands sacred to me, I’m so blessed to act as a bridge of communication encouraging healing between heaven and earth. If you could see what I see, you would realize that we are never alone. I am a vessel, conveying the message that ‘Love Never Dies.”

Charly’s ability to feel so deeply allows her to support her clients in grief gatherings, ‘Love Never Dies, Healing Grief from Heart to Heart’. Charly creates a space where you feel safe while being supported by people who understand your pain. Charly’s world focuses on the beauty of the world while beginning to feel alive once again.


“One of my greatest joys is helping others…
The greatest way to honour your loved ones is by making
the rest of your life, the best of your life. Feeling your
loved ones with you is a reality waiting for you.”


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Charly is scheduled to be published soon. Her book, No Regrets, will take you on her journey from darkest moments to the light of the grace of God. Against all odds, ending up Walking in MAGIC.