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Charly’s Events

Join our many events and be amazed at how much you resonate with the information and messages you receive. Charly Sirois, a mind blowing Intuitive and Medium shares life changing lessons, wisdom and tools, guiding you to self empowerment like never before.

New to the Charly’s gatherings is ‘Love Never Dies…Healing Grief from Heart to Heart’.  A place where celebrating the memory of our Loved Ones is welcomed and encouraged.

Soul Whispers


Join us for a life changing and interactive exploration to the limitless potential within you. Charly’s Soul Whispers gatherings will bring you through a journey to rediscovering your authentic & magnificent self.

Walking in MAGIC


In these information sessions, Charly Sirois, a renowned soul intuitive and medium, shares with you what it’s like to ‘Walk in MAGIC’ and live the life of your dreams. Join us, to remembering who you truly are.

Love Never Dies


Join us in our Love Never Dies, Healing Grief from Heart to Heart. Not only will you find support from people who understand your pain, you will also witness the possibility of journeys back to hope and love.